• -Marc Bolan/Tyrann.Rex CLIP "Sarah Crazy Child"
    Well this is what so many of have waited many years for -it might only be 22 seconds but 22 seconds of pure Bolan Magic & Joy.This clip is part of video from earliest known-surviving Marc Bolan performance, "Sarah Crazy Child" from October 1967.
  • -Boy George -"Children of the Revolution".
    It might only be a 1:00minute clip (of what looked like a rousing full version) but it is a JOY to see once again The Boy doing his bit to keep Marc's Name and music alive. The Clip was taken at a B-Daye bash for Boy in June 2003 - Boy George /Culture Club still perform Bolan songs in concert.
  • Shakespears Sister with Tom Jones -"Hot Love".
    Maybe a bit campy, but a real treat to have the Sisters along with Mr. Jones make a Nod to Marc. Honestly it is a GEM. Below is also an mp3 of the Sisters doing a live version (without Tom) A Bow to the Sisters Info File site -windows media player only-
  • Bus Stop -"Get It ON".
    We are tring to get this onto our own sever before it disappears into the mists of time. The is also a Windows Media Player file, for now we are linking you over to where you can watch the full video as well as download it. In North America the song made a small dent on the indie dance charts but was a minor hit in the U.K. -Besides the song brings Marc's music to a whole new audience (Rap) the video is brilliant with a cumputer generated insert of "Gaz' -the bands lead singer- dancing around with Marc from the original "G.I.O." T.O.T.P.'S video. We also have the song in the MP3 section
  • Cornershop -"Brimfull of Asha".
    One of my favorite videos of all time, set in the 60's/70's just filled with all the x-citement of those early dayes when you brough home you the new 45 single ( your allowence would buy) "Cornershop" is -imho- one of the best band of recent years , so with Bongo players and lyrics that sing about "the Bolan boogie" helps.
  • BBC Interview -Rolan Bolan & Eric Hall.
    The BBC were really behind Marc's 25th anniversary, with lots of news braodcasts as well as info on their website. This is a gem 7:00 minutes of an interview with Rolan and Eric along with some sad pixs of that dreadful daye. Well worth watching (RealPlayer needed)
  • -Marc Bolan -"Children of the Revolution" 1973 on French TV
    Thanks and Bows to our French Tiller PPP for saving me room on our server and allowing me to connct you/us right over to his for this magical performance of Marc. -sorry that is is small realvideo- but it wasn' easy for Purple Pierre to get his hands on and we are lucky to even have this -N'joy- botht hese are direct connects to the video, you can "save target" on the link and have it to keep
  • -Marc Bolan -"20th Century Boy" 1973 on French TV
    Read above for more info and our thanks, this is the 2nd video of Marc this time doing "20th Century Boy" -appears to be from a different show

    Sounds -RealAudio

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