Early Marc Bolan?Acetate of Mrs Jones

*MP3 - Marc Bolan? -"Mrs Jones" 3:04

*Update Below* -This song has yet to be "confirmed" as Marc. Initially it appeared on the Joe Meek site and was listed as Marc Bolan. What do you think? ATM there are a lot of people involved in getting this sorted out. There is some proof Marc did work with Joe Meek around the time of the recording, but as the *rare* pix shows there is nothing printed on the acetate and so far no one has found a document proving one way or the other-

Initially around 1999 Joe Meek's site actually put this song up and listed it as "Marc Bowland /Bolan" (can't remember). We jumped right on this (writing them and trying to sort it out)and within a few weeks the song was removed. The woman I wrote there clains it is/was indeed Marc. Many year have gone by with not much developments until recently - with the Fanzine Rumblings releasing a cd of it..to quote: Rumblings CDR does state that the original reel to reel master tape still exists and is in the hands of a private
collector....the owner of a music shop in Denmark Street, Soho, London.

As I said there are just as many people that believe this is Marc as those that don't, here are some insightful words from a true Bolan master as he hears it:

Apart from that I'm very much in doubt, that it's him. As he sings so deep in the refrain. (a 15 year old?) And it sounds very routined. While on the "Blowing in the Wind" version he seems to avoid any deeper note, which seems strange, if he could go down so easily.

And if it's him, it would be unbelievably spooky. The first recording about "Mrs. Jones", the next one called "The road I'm on (Gloria)"....and we know how it all ended.....

If this is indeed Marc, in true Tiller fashion this will be the "Weirdest String" ;-) we have ever come across
** Update we now have the studio wizard of Till Dawn with Romany use their best work at cleaning the song up (a clip of half the track) , making it the right speed, pitch etc so the saga continues (with the cleaner sound sure sounds like Marc to me -wishfull thinking??-

*MP3 - Marc Bolan? -"Mrs Jones" 1:48

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