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Howard Stern -"Get It On" 3:38

Ok I am sure there are a few people out there that aren't fans of U.S.A. Rock D.J. Howard Stern but he is a big fan of T.Rex's "G.I.O.", "Jeepster" & Others. Once he put it (GIO) on his top 10 of the best rock songs of all time. I am not quite sure of the facts I was told that Flo & Eddie were visiting the show and Howard did his own version of G.I.O. no he doesn't have a great voice but there is a band - "The Losers"- playing with him - just a bit of fun - and I bow to any D.J. as popular as him who helps keep Marc's name alive. So if you are a fan -enjoy- if not it is a bit of a rarity I suggest you grab the MP3.

Songs below were created by members of Till Dawn ("Tiller-Rex Band") for the upcoming Tiller-Rex Tribute CD. All are RealAudio

The Begining/First Basic Track/DemoTiller-Rex Band (Tape one)

Lofty SkiesTiller-Rex Band

Rip Off:   Tiller-Rex Band

Raw Ramp:   Tiller-Rex Band

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  Paul's "Boogie On"