Sing Karaoke to "Get it On"marc posing

*MP3 Karaoke (Sing to Marc) - "Get It On" 4:35 (realaudio)

Ok are you ready, get out your Platform shoes, some glitter, a guitar (or a broom will do ;-), of course the most important part a MIRROR ! and you are just about Ready for a Boley Bop
As they use to say "Follow the bouncing ball" but I'm sure we all know the lyrics to G.I.O. By heart Ok this is not a real treat like a Bolan cover song or a T.Rex track but this is good Ol' Boley Fun and that is just as important
-So "Sing a Sing a song one that makes you Happy"-
For those that don't know what Karaoke is it is the song with the vocal parts taken out so you can sing along on your own -quite popular in bars - and a lot of fun IMHO ..So as I said get out you Bolan finery (sorry I forgot the Boa & Top Hat ( if you have one) and have blast! ... and c'mon I know we all have already tried this in our youth already *s. I used the picture from the "Tiller-Rex" Cd cover on the page cos' I think it is quite fitting with the theme

Songs below were created by members of Till Dawn ("Tiller-Rex Band") for the upcoming Tiller-Rex Tribute CD. All are RealAudio

The Begining/First Basic Track/DemoTiller-Rex Band (Tape one)

Lofty SkiesTiller-Rex Band

Rip Off:   Tiller-Rex Band

Raw Ramp:   Tiller-Rex Band

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