Bono & Gavin Friday (Moulin Rouge Snd.) Till Dawn

*MP3 Bono w/Gavin Friday -Children of the Revolution" 2:59

Well Bono and Gavin added a new sound to a much covered Bolan song. IMO they did an A+ job. This is such a BOLAN /T.Rex track,x-cept for one other cover version I haven't liked any of the others - Not for lack of the bands trying just that it has so much of that "T.Rex Fomular" stamped on it (in the greatest sense) that the bands covering lost their originality ...Not this time !! Nice to know that besides the quality of the song the fact that it is involved with a film that is critically aclaimed (first Billy Elliot now this) Bono I bow to you for the nod to Marc -
The whole soundtrack is really interesting if you are into "Musicals" with a comtemporary feel

Songs below were created by members of Till Dawn ("Tiller-Rex Band") for the upcoming Tiller-Rex Tribute CD. All are RealAudio

The Begining/First Basic Track/DemoTiller-Rex Band (Tape one)

Lofty SkiesTiller-Rex Band

Rip Off:   Tiller-Rex Band

Raw Ramp:   Tiller-Rex Band

These sound files and much more are also located on Romany Stew's Great audio page & for a huge selection of T.Rex Real Audios sounds try "Interstella Paul's" fanatstic "Boogie On" site.

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