Purple Pie Pierre marc posing

Purple Pie Pierre (Tiller-Rex)-RealAudio - "Till Dawn Dub Reggae" 4:25

What can I say ....... our wonderful member of the the "Tiller-Rex" Band Pierre has done some really fun and musically sound recording of Marc's "Till Dawn" with a Reggae re-mix -

Well done from one of our many 'Studio Wiz'ers" ...the Ep has a few re-mixes including one that incorporates a bunch of Tillers mixed in as they were recorded singing in a London pub during a Tiller gathering during the 1999 London Bop and Dan World Tour.. So if you are a Tiller and want to join in with the fun or aren't & want to feel the good vibes of a Tiller Gathering and how much Marc has drawn us together .. the Dub Party below:

*MP3 Purple Pie Pierre (Tiller-Rex) - "Till Dawn Dub Party (Cat Riot Structure Mix)" 2:03 (.zip)

The above is the mix with the added mixed in vocals of a Bunch of "Lagered Tiller Louts" doing a sing song This as well as many of the Cd's that are listed as Tiller Cd's are available for sale (always priced very reasonably as we just use the profits to help us continue in more projects or for flowers for Golders Green) just write us at the Till Dawn Hotmail addy on the front page

Songs below were created by members of Till Dawn ("Tiller-Rex Band") for the upcoming Tiller-Rex Tribute CD. All are RealAudio

The Begining/First Basic Track/DemoTiller-Rex Band (Tape one)

Lofty SkiesTiller-Rex Band

Rip Off:   Tiller-Rex Band

Raw Ramp:   Tiller-Rex Band

  Romany Stew's Audio Files

  Paul's "Boogie On"