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I had never heard about this cover version until a dear Bolan friend sent me a copy after mentioning the song on the list and with some friends it seems it is a fairly rare find - So far I can not find anything on the Net about the band" WIN" to help you. If anyone knows more info please feel free to write the site so we can keep all things to do with Marc accurate and up to date. Of all the songs covered by others artists I tghink "Slider" always gets the bands to put a bit of themselves into the track. Nice job here ....
****UPDATE*** (two of them it appears they are have a very strong cult following)
Well leave it to one of the Tillers not only to know about this band but was a big fan of theirs - So here's to our "Cosmic Gerry" (the voice of Tiller-Rex Band & Cosmic Love) and I will basically just quote from his post when I asked about the band... an interesting read :
I was a big big fan of Win, and also their former incarnation The Fire Engines. They're from Scotland and in the 80's Win were one of the most obvious Bolan-influenced bands to my ears. I saw them twice in London, once at the Hammersmith Odeon and then again in The Marquee. Davey Henderson has for me one of the greatest pop voices, and he writes a mean melody. I met him after one of the gigs and asked him about his obvious "borrowings" to which he replied "I borrwed them from Marc Bolan, and he borrowed them from Eddie Cochran." Their best know song is probably "You've Got The Power" (not the Bolan one) which was used to advertise Mc Ewans beer in Britain. The only produced one album which the passing of time has been fairly kind to it.
Henderson writes wonderful surreal lyrics which do at times reflect Marc's. I have the promo for one of thier last singles "Dusty Heartfelt" which says something along the lines of "Whilst the media is searching for Elvis, Win have found Marc Bolan". Nowadays they go under the name of Nectarine No.9, and that's a sonic sound for the ears. Prince meets Bolan at Captain Beefheart's party!! The lyrics are still wonderfully visual in a very Bolan sort of way, one title that springs to mind is "Couldn't Phone Potatoes". On one of their CD's they do a cover of V. Underground's "Inside Your Heart" (or is it head).......anyway, it starts off as Jeepster before getting to the V.U. A friend who saw Win in Glasgow told me they did a live cover of Truck On Tyke which was amazing. "I love you yeah" from The Soul Of My Suit is in another song called Truckee River.
So there you go! Nectarine No9 should be a must for any CD collection. Does that help Rick????????
Yes it does Gerry ;-)

****UPDATE*** #2 in the continuing Fanbase that "WIN" still have I was contacted by a very nice Bolan/Win fan "John" giving me some more info on them taken from AMG as well as some personal views (like he saw them 2 times and they were one of the best bands ever) this makes this rare Bolan cover even more special that just the lovely sound they brought to it.

While Davey Henderson (and possibly the odd other member of Win) have been involved in The Fire Engines and Nectarine No 9, Henderson really is the common link. Saying that The Fire Engines are Win's "former incarnation" and that "they now go under the name Nectarine No 9." is like saying The Buzzcock's , Magazine and Luxuria are the same band because they all featured Howard Devoto!

Other than that, Win actually produced 2 albums. Their first, "Uh! Tears Baby....A Trash Icon" featured classic tracks like "You've got the power", "Shampoo Tears" and "UnAmerican Broadcasting" (possibly the only pop song to ever feature a Texas Instruments Speak 'n' Spell?). This album was actually released on CD, but the CD version is very, very rare - an ex-juke box copy has just been sold on eBay for about $110.00!. Their second album, which included the single "Dusty Heartfelt", was called "Freaky Trigger". By the time that album was released Win had moved from London Records to Virgin.

Songs below were created by members of Till Dawn ("Tiller-Rex Band") for the upcoming Tiller-Rex Tribute CD. All are RealAudio

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Raw Ramp:   Tiller-Rex Band

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