Tiller-Rex Band Tribute CD cover


*MP3 -The Tiller-Rex Band "Till Dawn" 4.18

A Very x-citing moment for us, the first (though still not fully completed) Track from the next "Tiller-Rex Band" CD. It is far from the first completed track we have, But after some discussions and twisted arms I felt it would be nice to let all the Non Tillers that write and ask are we making a follow up, as well as the members I hope this shows you the detail and high quality of the next CD.
I am not giving the details of who and whom did what on the track (as I said there are some tweaks to be added) I will saye that main core members of the first CD are taking more of a fuller input into all the tracks. OK I am biased but the tracks that are completed or nearly done are just fantastic -and once again we folllowed our initial "Global Feel" by each musician adding their bits through the mail (much easier this time with cable speeds) as well as a few tracks done as solo artists at their own studios.....Do N'JOY !!!!!!!!!!!

I have left the pic of Dan-D's wonderful cover of the first CD as we have yet to decide on the next cover

Songs below were created by members of Till Dawn ("Tiller-Rex Band") for the first Tiller-Rex Tribute CD. All are RealAudio

The Begining/First Basic Track/DemoTiller-Rex Band (Tape one)

Lofty SkiesTiller-Rex Band

Rip Off:   Tiller-Rex Band

Raw Ramp:   Tiller-Rex Band

These sound files and much more are also located on Romany Stew's Great audio page & for a huge selection of T.Rex Real Audios sounds try "Interstella Paul's" fanatstic "Boogie On" site.

  Paul's "Boogie On"