Frank Tortorici
WHERE YOU LIVE:  Garwood, New Jersey, USA
OCCUPATION: Public Relations
BIRTHDAY:  5/23/63
FAVE SINGLES:  GIO (Bang a Gong), Hot Love
FAVE ALBUMS:  EW, The Slider, Tanx, FM's Rumours, Joni Mitchell's Hejira
HOW/WHEN INTRODUCED TO MARC:  Knew Bang a Gong as a kid, but re-introduced via remastering and reissuing of EW in 2003 OTHER
HOBBIES:  Stevie Nicks
FAVOURITE NON-BOLAN LINKS: www.nicksfix.com , http://www.nicksfix.com , www.amazon.com http://www.amazon.com/

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Gavin Ross

Anagram: Vings Soar


ICQ/AIM number: none
Where you Live: Middlesbrough, UK
Occupation: Self employed
Birthday: 10/02/66
Fave singles: New York City, Truck On (Tyke), Light Of Love
Fave albums: Futuristic Dragon, T.Rex, Bolan's Zip Gun, Dandy In The Underworld
How/when were you introduced to Marc: Can't remember exactly but it was when I was a child of 5 or 6.
Other Hobbies: Reading, Cycling
Favourite Bolan Links http://www.rolanbolan.com/ http://www.trextasy.com/
Favourite None Bolan Links http://www.cfpf.org.uk/ http://willeisner.tripod.com/

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George Rab

Nickname: Rabbit Fighter

Anagram: Eager Borg


Central England
Age: Too old to go clubbing, too young to stay at home
DOB: 13th February 1954 (born to be an Aquarius)
Fave song: Life's a gas!
Fave album: Electric Warrior
Fave quote: "I drive a Rolls Royce 'cause it's good for my voice" !
Also "were all splinters of God's head" and "He (Jesus) was a very funky stud, who denied the Beast .......... and had a great image"
First experience: On Radio 1, early in 1971 when I heard Ride a White Swan and was intrigued by such original lyrics as "Wear a tall hat like a Druid in the old days, Wear a tall hat and a tattooed gown, Ride a white swan like the people of the Beltaine, Wear your hair long, you can't go wrong!" This was literally magic for me and I was ensnared from then on. The first time I saw Marc was on BBC's Top of the Pops singing Get it On. He was wearing a satin jacket and that summer I went to a local boutique to buy one. It was electric blue but was talked out of it by mother who persuaded me that I would look ridiculous and anyway the fashion would change by the autumn and so would hardly wear it. This is also one of my biggest regrets. I also took a day out to specially travel to the London cinema Oscar 1 to see Born to Boogie but it had been taken off. The first single I ever bought was Jeepster and was amazed to find his picture on the B side. I wasn't expecting anything special on the flip side but was knocked out by Life's a gas, which I rated better than the chosen A side. I discovered that this was not a one off and that most of his singles contained quality recordings on the B side, some with two additional songs.

Comments: After nearly 30 years my interested has not diminished, this is truly magic. If I feel down I just put on one of his records.


Georgina May Behm

Nickname: Girl George

Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
Occupation: Disabled, but I do designing in people's houses and other designing odd jobs
Birthday: January 20th 1960
Fave Singles: That's a hard one but I will pick the first T Rex I bought when I was ten Ride A White Swan & Hot love
& Get It On and so on from there.
Fav Albums: Unicorn, Beard Of Stars, Electric Warrior, Slider, Tanx, Getting to know all of his music. Getting more as I go now.
How/ When Introduced to Marc: When I first heard on the radio Ride a White Swan, it changed my life forever
Other Hobbies: Flower arrangements Victorian Swags and other things along that line of hobbies into making stuff to look antique, I love it.
Favorite Bolan links: Tilldawn, Depth Charge, and Jitter Bug. I thinks it is Intersellar Paul's site and Pierre's site Donna Follie, Metal Guru. And there are many more I love I can't name them all.
Favorite Non Bolan Links: Bowie, Stones, others along that line.

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Anagram: Ry Reg

Austria, Vienna
Pets: An aquarium full of happy, reproductive fish. My bit of nature indoors!
Occupation: Teacher/musician.
Birthday: 9. June 3rd 1963 (I share my b.day with Mickey Finn, Ian Hunter and ahmm Suzi Quatro!). Born in Larne Co. Antrim N. Ireland.
I donīt have a fave Bolan album, but most often played in my mind are Zinc Alloy & Dandy In The Underworld. Tyrannosaurus Rex in spring and summer, it seems to lend itself to the buzz of nature in the air. All of the Unchained, Bolan at home is sooo comfy!
Hobbies reading about the things that is our cosmic inheritance, and experimenting with that energy! (It can be done).
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Non-Bolan URL: Visit: http://www.our-music.com (if you dare!!!!!!!)


Anagram: angle buc hana

NAME: Glen Buchanan
WHERE YOU LIVE: Ottawa, Canada
OCCUPATION: Special events organiser, small downtown hotel
BIRTHDAY: June 29, 1954
FAVE SINGLES: Telegram Sam, MacArthur Park, Daytripper, Tainted Love,Don't Sleep On The Subway
FAVE ALBUMS: Tanx, Revolver, Broken English, Avalon, Bernstein's West Side Story
HOW/WHEN INTRODUCED TO MARC: I read an article in Rolling Stone about Marc going electric and decided to check him out. that day I purchased E. Warrior, unheard.
OTHER HOBBIES: reading, cycling, painting
FAVOURITE BOLAN LINKS: http: http://www.glam-rock.de/liquidgang.html, http://starling.rinet.ru/music/trex.htm plus all the great links that Tillers have going. When I joined I recognised lots of you because I'd visited your web-sites before.
FAVOURITE NON-BOLAN LINKS: In 1977 I was involved in the punk scene in Toronto and this site showcases a club we created. russianbooks.org
This is just a crazy site that I think is fab http://www.thesoundsoflincoln.co.uk/freak.htm
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Anagram: Gord Tot on Babo
Gordon Abbott

ICQ/AIM number: 01255 431209.
Where you Live: Essex, U.K.
Occupation: Financial Consultant.
Birthday: 5th December.
Fave singles: Get It on, Soul of my Suit.
Fave albums: Tanx, Slider and Electric Warrior.
How/when were you introduced to Marc : Via Top of The Pops 1970.
Other Hobbies: Sport (Mainly Football), Theatre, Music in general.
Favourite Bolan Links: Enjoy all the Bolan sights.
Favourite None Bolan Links: None Really.

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Tiller CD Choice: Track No. 4 - Rabbit Fighter


Home: Eyota, Minnesota
Married: to Carol-moved here from n.ireland 2 years ago
Occupation: musician-founder of slf and radio dj
Birthday: 4th august 57
Fav albums: slider..electric warrior
Fav tracks: rabbit fighter and my all time fav song-metal guru
Got into marc: bought my people were fair way back and then got swan single on wax cylinder i think! i guess it was the first music that was"mine" and not a left over from another time.
Hobbies: still playing guitar-the lobsters band-doing some T.REX too. huge metal fan so going to ozzfest type gigs etc is fun.love REAL football--rangers and arsenal..crusaders from belfast...ummm...oh yes..baseball...LOVE it--GO TWINS!
Fav bolan url: have to say till dawn.. i really feel it is the most informative
Fav non-bolan url: http://www.soccer.net ...see above for reasons!
Quote: he came, he saw, he stayed and is happy!




Ian Laws

East Bethany New York
Occupation: Artist
Birthdate: January 31
Fave LP's: Zip Gun, Tanx (Marc) Teaser (Tommy Bolin)
How you got into Marc: Curiosity led me to Marc, last year. I seem to have worked backward with my
musical taste. I am very into the late 60's and early middle 70's. Also Record Collector and Mojo magazine
have been great musical references for me. Other hobbies and passion revolve around Art,
and making my wife Melissa as happy as i can.
Favorite links: TillDawn of course, also a special thanks to Nathie and Gordon who have both been great in helping me
discover Marc and finding great lists like Till Dawn.
Favourite Non-Bolan links are Tommy Bolin sites, I guess everyone may not know Tommy but he was
Deep Purple's guitarist at one stage, and cut great albums with his own bands Moxy,
Energy, Zephyr, also with Billy Cobham and Alphonse Mouzon, groundbreaking Jazz Fusion records.
It is a strange quirk that my 2 favourite artists are both Bolins, Bolans. Tommy was another who left us too soon,
he died at 25 of an overdose.

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Ian and Melissa

I don't have an anagram but early on got nicknamed IRON MAN, not sure why...

UK, Wheathampstead, Herts.
Wife : Alison. No Kids or pets (but we do have 10 bicycles!)
Occupation: Production Manager
Birthday: 25th February 1957
Fave track : Venus Loon.
Fave Album : Zinc Alloy.
Fave SIngle : The Groover - (when I'm on the floor the Kids want more!!)
Got into Marc when Ride a White Swan came out, an original song, Ist album EW, then I wanted more more more....
My other hobbies are Cycling & I play in a covers band, but sadly no Bolan. I pushed for 20th Century Boy, but our singers probably did not feel they could pull it off.




New Zealand: Upper Hutt, Wellington
Wife: Petra
Children: Louis (born 1988) & Austen (born 1990)
Job: MD of food importing company
Birthday: 14 June 1958
Its not possible to list out all the Bolan/T.Rex tracks/LPs I enjoy but a quick mention of Unicorn, EW, Slider & Tanx is is order.
I've been enjoying Marc's music since 1971 when it was first played on the radio here in NZ (and I started buying the singles).

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Anagram - Carve Mink Oak
Tiller CD Choice: Track No. 3 - Seal of Season

Canada, Hamilton, Ontario
Two children Alexandra (17) and Ivan (13)
Occupation: Secondrary School instructor (English as a Second Language)
Birthday: April 16, 1951
First hear "Unicorn" in Sept. 1970 at university and have been hooked since.
Ph. D. in Comparative Religions, specializing in Hinduism and Buddhism, (published translation of 10th century Sanskrit Advaita philosophical work by Sarvajnatman in 1985); Rated Chess Expert; Active Soccer Player; Comic Book Collector, practising blissful idiot.
URL - http://www.inforamp.net/~ivank/marc_bolan.html

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