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March 7

added this months Quizlet/Question. In keeping with last month's theme of Fave Bolan Bootie (bootleg) with so many to choose from and with a nice response I added six more for you to pick a fave from - Last Month's winner was (by twice as many votes) The CD "Space Cadets" with 30% of the votes

March 5

still adding and updating the wonderful reviews in the Chadders Compilation Page - added/updated "Bolan Boogie", "Beyond Rising Sun" "Chadders Corner"

February 17

added 2 new compilation reviews to our "Chadders Compi. Corner". Very pleased to hear back from people that these reviews are helping them sort though all the T.Rex Hits packages

February 2

As I said we have a few fairly rare cover versions to add to our vast MP3 selection. It is by a name known in Bolan circles "Paul King" (the man behind "Mungo Jerry") Hope you enjoy his cover and obvious nod to Marc's influence "Debora"

February 1

A very warm welcome to our newest Till Dawn member -Gordon- I know I say this a lot but as this list is very active I think Gordon will be the last new member for awhile. I apologize to the appox. 95 people on the waiting list but already I am way past what I thought would be a nice small # of 75 but I bow to the list for (rising to the occassion) & even with our larger size you still make it feel like a nice intimate Bolan community.

2- Dan-D did some changes to the directory (new pixs) and hopefully I will update the Birthdaye list.

January 27

1- new MP3 of a song that is quite rare (not even of the "Covers" series) by a band called "Baby Fox" doing a very sweet cover of Girl. I/we will be adding a few more rare covers shortly. A major BOW to My dear friend Barrie."Girl"

2- added new quizlet/question pop up window. The winner of last months question "Fave version of Christmas Bop" was the "Flexi" 1972 version with 32%. This months quizlet covers choosing your fave "Bolan Bootleg"

3- added New Pixs to the directory of Michael (Ruckus) and Alice (Momma)

January 19, 2001

1- welcome to Michael Green (The organizer behind the ever popular "Birmingham Bolan Bop's) to the Till Dawn Family -

2- added the much talked about Alice Cooper MP3 song "Black limo" reported By Alice as having Marc on session Guitar."Slick Black Limo"

3- For close to 4 years we have had up the Lyrics to one of my fave Gloria Jones tracks on the site so time for the MP3- for the sheer beauty and feeling many of us get that they are about Marc's passing - you can't go wrong with the CD release (as a 2 for set) of "Vixen" & "Windstorm" judge for youself but IMO a most moving song "If Roses Don't Come in Spring this Year"

4- a real treat for many Bolan fans, not sure what took me/us so long to add this still sort after Bolan track Marc's Acoustic version of "Sunken Rags" from the first "Galstonbury Festival""Sunken Rags"

5- and last but certainly not least a warm welcome to another Tiller (Dawnette) "Kat" (Katherine Clemens) she has already showed herself to have a heart of gold and loving in a most Bolanic way. She is in the directory say hello "Meet "Kat""

December 11th, 2000

DAD Rest in Peace and may Jesus welcome you with all the love you deserve, I miss you!!

It is all up to Jesus's guiding hand now
"For he delivered us from the domain of darkness,
and transferred us to the kingdom of his
Beloved SON, the forgiveness of sins" -Colossians 1:13, 14

to quote another wise prophet:
"Life is a Dream
Whatever I Enjoy
Will become a memory
The past is not revisited" -Shantideva-

and love of Marc will help through life's hardships:
"If I had a throne
You could call it home
If I cry my tears are yours
To open any frozen doors" - Marc Bolan

December 8th

after doing a quiz on the list about Bolan songs that mention female singers (in this track Barbara Striesand) I was sparked to add this MP3 -a personal Fave- but more than that a shining x-ample of how talented Marc was at Lyrics (added to the page)at such an early age "Observations"

December 5th

1- for a VERY short time (call it a Rex-mas gift) I am making available a MP3 of the controversial (Brilliant IMO) cover of "G.I.O." from the Band "Bus Stop". I want to thank them for their wonderful video (which actually shows T.Rex during a T.O.T.P.'s appearence)this isn't taking away from Marc this is bringing his music to a whole new genre/generation -Go Boyz -"Bus Stop"

2- added December's New Quizlet..In Keeping with the Rex-Mas season (though the differences are subtle)pick your fave version of Marc's Classic "Christmas Bop" track

December 4th

1- Firstly a warm welcome to our new Till Dawn member Mickey Marmelade he was Marc's Executive Tour Manager from 1971-1977.You can read a nice interview with him at Pierre's site "Interview With Mickey Marmelade"

2-added a lovely jpeg of "Christmas Bop" lyric/tab link to the "Rex-Mas Stocking Stuffer" a Bow to Pierre "Bop Lyrics/Tab"

3- Sammy is now in the Directory (a bit of a surprise there)*s

4- Have added George Underwood's new site to T.O.M.B. he was the artist behind a few T.Rex LP Covers "George Underwood"

November 23

1-Welcome to our new Member "Sammy The Dwarf" our second Tiller from Russia

2- due to some confusion on the quizlet of the name of the Ringo /Marc session song I have changed it to reflect both names it was released under "Hold On" & "Have you seen my Baby"

3- As there are only 4 weeks Till Rex-Mas we have moved the "Rex-Mas stocking Stuffer" of songs to the top of the index

4- added a direct link in index to the site for "THE BOPPING ELF" Book a work of true imagination mixed with non-fiction by Michel Laverdiere "Bopping Elf"

November 19

1- very glad to add a new Mp3 that has been requested by quite a few people that wrote in to the site, a special thanks goes out to my friend down in Brazil for helping me get this up. So enjoy a "LIVE" version from the BBC of "Bauhaus" doing their popular cover of "Telegram Sam"

2- if you are interested in the "Bus Stop" cover of "Get it on" MP3(The much talked about Rap/version) contact me !!

November 5

1- added a seperate section in the index for the 3 major auction online sites eBay, Amazon & Yahoo the first 2 are direct links to Bolan stuff.

2- added Novenber's quizlet "Fave session work song by Marc". The winner of last months Quizlet "Fave MARC SHOW episode" went to episdoe #6 (w/Bowie") with 50% of the votes, in 2nd was episode #1 (w/The Jam) with 20%

November 3

1- added more compilation reviews in the "Chadders" section -Busy Beaver " he is- including "very Best Vol. 1 & 2"

2- a new Mp3 a very moving and personal rendition of Marc's "A Daye Laye" sung & recorded by a Tiller known as "Friend" ...Thanks from me "Friend" -beautiful job- "A Daye Laye"

October 28

1- updated the "Chadders Complilation Meltdown" page. Including a new intro written by the "Man" himself along with two new Compilation reviews. One the well known "Words and Music 1947-1977" (The first LP to include the full "Children of Rarn" the 2nd a release entitled "Get it On" "Compilation Reviews"

2- updated the Tiller Directory to include our new Tiller, so welcome aboard Madeline ("Maddy" & many other nicknames)Thanks for adding and sharing your pixs and info "M-Q Directory"

3- added 3 new pixs to the "London Bop" page that Maddy sent in "London 2000"

October 23

added a page with some info on the new movie "Billy Elliot" which features 6 T.Rex (original) songs on the soundtrack -well actually 5 "Cosmic Dancer" opens & closes the CD. Very x-citing to see what looks to be a major release on both sides of the pond feature so many Bolan tunes. A nice beginning to the positive vibes coming forth "Billy Elliot"

October 18

1- added a link in the index to an online card for all the wonderful Tillers & Dawnettes celebrating Birthdayes this month. Russ, Pierre, Christin, Linda & Carrie Ann HAPPY BIRTHDAYE to you all .

2- Also in keeping with a Tiller theme our new MP3 was chosen due to a post from David about his daughter "Sarah", after this post we realised we have quite a few Tillers that have daughters named "Sara/Sarah" so from "Dove's" enjoy Marc's."Sara Crazy Child"

October 9

1- added more pictures and stories to the "Bolanfest" pages , each story/memory is filled with such energy and enthusiasm

2- added a song from 'way back" the wonderful "Marsha Hunt" one of the first artists to cover Marc's songs. A lovely cover from her "Woman Child" Lp of "Stacey Grove"

October 1

New month , new Quizlet. The winner of lasts months quizlet "Favourite Cover version of "20th Century Boy" was."Placebo's" from the Velvet Goldmine soundtrack w/ 48% in 2nd was "Big Six's" from the "Truman Show" soundtrack.The new Quiz for October has to do with your choice of favourite "Marc T.V. Show" episode.

September 30

We Miss you Marc -you would be 53 years young todaye & you are in our hearts stronger than ever- a small gift to you and your memory/legacy we have added Pictures and reviews from the "Tribute" to your magic from the "Bolanfest 2000" "Bolanfest Memories"

September 25

Seems we are never stopping here at Till Dawn, but I am more than honored to announce the opening of the T.O.M.B.'s new "Portal Site" set up in conjunction with Christin's wonderful Marc Bolan Net site. Thank you Christin for all yours & Jessica's work. Hopefully in time as we start incorporting some of the two sites jointly they will be full of both visual excitment as well as informative.I have included the new T.O.M.B. Link as well as some changes done to other links on the Bolan Net portal.

1- T.O.M.B.'s new entrance "The Official Marc Bolan(Resources)"

2-Marc Bolan Net Portal "M.B. Net"

3- Issues #29 & #30 have been added to the Portals "Slider" section "Slider Fanzine"

September 24, 2000

added a section for the "Record Collector" article including Cliff's "Original" write up & scan of a section on Till Dawn "Children of Weboultion" article

2-"Record Collector Cover"

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