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November 8

I guess we are catching up on things here..This was not one of the Mp3's we have had saved through the server going down, it just came to me/us through a very Kind Bolan Fan. I know most T.Rex fans are interested in what the Stones & or the Beatles felt about Marc (as much as Marc did*s) So I thought this -straight from the horse's mouth -(Mini-Me) interview with Mick Jagger from the 1971 period would be interesting. (Link in the MP3 Index -Under Mick Jagger)

November 7

added a long lost interview that one of the Tillers found. It is from 1968 and is quite insightful for such an early time in Marc's career. I am sure you will enjoy - It was done for a Zine called "Fusion" (in the index "Interviews,Reviews etc.)

November 6

1- Well thats right, a whole month since our last update ... unfortunately we had problems with our server and it took awhile to sort out. We actually have a new site url/link -as well as keeping the original while the new link gets bookmarked and into the search engines. We are now being hosted by our friend Sage and his Groover site - Also the site has gone under some contruction , as you can see. The index is not as cluttered and it will only include "main sections" linking to sub-sections within the frames. If you want you can bookmark the site here "Till Dawn"

2- WE have added a few new Mp3's that are on this page as direct links to the songs I/we will be working on making the proper pages for them soon.

3- Today we added a very rare and much sought after German Language cover song of "Hot Love" by an artist named "Mon Thys" - a real treat. Produced by Giorgio Moroder. The song is listed in the MP3 section but here is a direct link to the page "German/ "Hot Love""

4- Thanks for bearing with us as we make Till Dawn a more user friendly site.

5- a VERY warm welcome to our new member "Helmut", he has already shown his tremendous devotion and care for Marc's legacy.

October 6

1- Put up this month Pop -up Quizlet (still following this interesting thread of the best of the un-chained series this time Vol# 6 1975) the winner if September's quiz "Best track from Vol. #5 1975 was -"Magical Moon (remix)" with 37% of votes and 2nd Place was (a fave)*s "Video Drama" 23%

2- anoher special Bolan Mp3 for the regular Till Dawn visitors that check this page. It is a rare edited version of Marc & Gloria doing a "sappy" yet popular song from the mid-60's titled "Love is a Many Splendid Thing" fun just to hear Marcs intro-of sorts-*s "Love is a Many"

September 30th

a few hours ahead of time *s - We have been circulating on the Till Dawn list a very special MP3 treat -a gift from a true Cosmic one our Gerry- It is (as far as all the feedback we have received from the "People in the know" very *rare* and could be the first time available. I will be making a Page for it in a few dayes, until than just the list and those that visit the site enough to check this page will know the link. It is an out take from the Marc show of "Endless Sleep" with more energy & fun than any version I have ever heard. When the page goes up i will post Gerry's insight on the recording (just check out the Guitar duet with Marc & Miller towards the end -pure energy & Magik-"Endless Sleep-an out-take"

September 16th

Pleased to saye that the "WREATH" bought by donations from both the Till Dawn list & Trex List was laid at Golders Green with all the warmth and positive vibes of both lists. It was beautiful and Marc's Aunt's there were also taken with its beauty "The Till Dawn/Trex List Wreath"

September 11th

WHY !!! words are beyond myself and all the people on Till Dawn. How do you make sense of this horrific tradgedy in N.Y.C.- PLEASE follow this link for wayes to help (Blood Donations, Red Cross etc.)-Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected "Helping.Org"

September 7

I wanted to save this Mp3 for a Sept. month ..-a bit of an update-This month is filled with High emotions be it "Bopping" (IMHO as I think Marc would want us to) or going to see the "Tree" to pay respects (speaking of that we were informed by a close friend of Marc's that Marc never visted the sites of where his childhood heroes passed he didn't see the sense, and as time goes on -maybe getting older- I agree I think Marc's true resting Place is Golders Green but to each their own as long as people ackowledge the daye and let others get on with doing the same - It seems recently each year more & more people also feel that Golders is where they want to pay their respects. This year Both Till Dawn & the Trex List have made a joint contribution for a wreath to be placed at Golders -it really is beautiful and I want to thank everyone from both list for their more than generous contributions The Bolan Community with good hearts will "get on" ...This song with the line "I danced myself into the TOMB" will always be a haunting line for us - Yes we have an MP3 of Morrissey doing it but now we have Morrissey doing the song as a Duet with David Bowie from the Freddie Mercury Tribute.... It is an audience recording but still a treat to have ...Enjoy "Bowie & Morrissey"

September 3

1- Put up this month Pop -up Quizlet (still following this interesting thread of the best of the un-chained series this time Vol#5) the winner if August's quiz "Best track from Vol. #4 1973 was -"Plateau Skull" with 37% of votes and 2nd Place "All My Love with 27%

2- added our new member Marc to the directory

3- updated the Encyclopedia with some more photos

4- and slowly but surly we are updating all the Mp3's to direct you to our new server (it is being done in Alphabetical order so you know where to look first) and no more zipped files all Mp3's are as is

August 24

We received a nice letter from Andy Ellison (Lead singer of Johns Children) asking to help promote their upcoming concert with Rolan we are honored to do so - there is a page on the site with more info on the concert details (I highly recommend if you can get to this show you will surely have a great time)

Hi, ...hope you might be able to put this up on your web site.
We...... John's Children that is..... are playing with special guest
Rolan Bolan (on stage with us) at the Underworld Camden Town
on Saturday the 15th Sept.
Other special guests to be announced.
The night before the Golders Green Bop. A tribute to Marc.
Tickets 6. Doors open at 7pm.
All the best Andy Ellison.

August 3

1- updated the Encylopedia adding pictures of B.P.Fallon, Marc , Stan lee & Roy Wood

2- added a rare picture of Marc's Passport photo and ID from 1967 "Marc's passport"

3- Added August's Quizlet "Fave song from un-chained Vol #4" then winner of last month Quiz was "Dance the Midnight" with 38% & 2nd Place "Down Home lady" w/ 26% out of 240 votes

July 26

1- Welcome aboard our newest member Marc is filling in his directory info now

2- Changed the front picture of Marc on the main page - still Marc in his lovely Pose but "Dan-D in the Designland" had now added a beautiful brown Tint to it

3- all our warm wished go out to our Dear Linda who just moments after posting us her beautiful Pastel drawing of Marc found out her husband was in a terrible motor accident -

July 25

1- added new names to our ever growing T.Rex Encyclopedia (thanks for all the wonderful feedback we have received by e-mails)Also Dan designed a nice Logo with a T.Rex Font to the page."Notable People /Encyclopedia"

2- added a very "Summer Deep" pastel drawing by Linda to the "Tiller Talent" page "Tiller Talent"

July 18

*** Take notice if you buy/bid for Bolan items on EBAY **
Sadly it has been reported several times to the Till Dawn list /(Myself Rick) that someone is making a habit of ripping off Bolan Fans on EBAY - as one of the victims said he goes by many names and is Chameleon like (so my guess is he will change his names again) but just ALWAYS check on their status before buying anything from anyone But Mr. Tony Francis if you are out there and like feeding on Bolan fans why not move on to a new Band Marc's fans are trusting to a fault as J.Lennon sang' How do you Sleep at Night" - you made your coins- now off you go (if this is slenderest my name and e-mail is on the site and this will be removed when you send out all the items you have kept the money for) a name he goes by is bolancollection@talk21.com - so sad and we are watching and will continually x-pose you if you chose to carry on

*** Update*** Tony was informed of this page and has promised to send out the items that are in question - time will tell- I hope he does and in future he makes due on the items he sells be it to Till Dawn members of any others. Hope there is a happy ending and lessons learned by everyone about checking rating of people on EBAY ....It seems that another person has contacted us about him - a person that is not on the list but said they saw our mention but decided to go ahead and is now making posts on various sites - this is in no waye related to the situation with the people here we know for a fact were not given their goods....

July 14

added, what we hope will eventually be the most extensive section on the net of "Notable People Associated with Marc" -"Encyclopedia" of people of note associated with Marc Bolan-.It is (and will be for awhile) *Under Contruction* as we gather more & more names. Eventually we hope to add Birthdates as well as pixs. I think so far we are off to a good start -enjoy & learn !!"Notable People /Encyclopedia"

June 25

1- added a new (semi) Tiller-Rex Track by a man that goes by the name of "Purple Pie Pierre" - a real treat one of our studio "whiz's" made a lovely mix of our Theme Song "Till Dawn" with a heavy Reggae beat --also added is are-mix with some of the gang mixed in singing Till Dawn during a Tiller Gathering in London that Melinda recorded at the pub ...."Till Dawn Dub"

2- welcome to Becki a new Tiller...."Meet Becki"

3- NMC records has a page where you can send a great Bolan e-card online to a friend .....very cool "Bolan E-Card"

June 14

1- a Happy Birthdaye to an original Tiller & Friend "Irving"

2- well The Liverpool Bop 20001 is now just a memory (yet one that will last & side note very happy to see a much bigger turnout this year than the last) so enjoy some of the Tillers feelings of the event and some pixs of the Gang and the T.Rex Tribute Band "Baby Strange" "Liverpool 2001"

June 5th

We have put up the pop-up "Quizlet" for June. This months questions follows what was started last month with "Favourite tracks from the "Un-Chained" Cd's. We will go through all 6 releases. So go cast your vote for Vol.2 The winner from last months was "Over the Flats"

May 30

1- well its looks like once again we are on a roll with some fabulous cover versions - this one was a real surprise and un-x-pected. The former lead singer "Fish" of Marillion fame has done a lovely cover of "Jeepster" ...never would have thought he had a Marc influence - so as he introduces the song "Ladies & Gentleman welcome to Rock 'n' Roll "Fish"

2- added to the T.O.M.B. (a sub-set of the Till Dawn site) information on how to order the "Original" Steve Took Appreciation Society's Fanzine "Shire News". There are a few Bolan Fans out there that would like a bit more info on Mr. Took and this is where you will get it. As Limited a role IMHO he played in what is T.Rex he still is a part of the "History" and as I was told by a wise man Mr. Tony Visconti "It's all history now so lets try and keep the stories *Factual*" (paraphrasing)*s "T.O.M.B."

May 21

1- added what some consider the best cover of Marc's "Slider" to our Mp3's . Enjoy !! also a very in depth report -done by Gerry -on this band is also on the page "Win"

2- added some of our new members to the Tiller Directory, welcome aboard Gavin Ross (The Man behind the fanzine "Marc Feld Charms) "Gavin" and our 2nd Tiller from Russia (well my mistake Kazakhstan is a country on its own) "MaryBaby""MaryBaby"

May 9

1- After a wonderful responce in the mail to the last few Mp3's I figured lets keep a good thing going. This is a wonderful Live Cover by the Rainmakers (a popular U.S.A. Band)of (Ok another "G.I.O." But the more Marc played in the U.S. the better for his legacy. This a a goodie and quite rare "The Rainmakers"

2- Just got my hands on this so there isn't much info up on the page but it is the long awaited release of Bono & Gavin Friday doing a killer cover of "Children of the Revolution" from the Film "Moulin Rouge" "Bono / "C.O.T.R."

3- Started this years section on the 2001 Bolan Bops that will be coming up in the near future starting with the the Liverpool Bop."Liverpool" The rest are listed in the index under "Upcoming Bops"

May 7

in celebration of our Jorgen's B-Daye and all the travels he has done to meet other Tillers I think adding this Mp3 fits in- cause knowing Jorgen as I do he's be one of the first to jump uo in a bar and sing along "Karaoke Style" to Marc Bolan's "Get it On" ...Yup. I have added an MP3 of "G.I.O" Karaoke style (No Vocals) so get out you Platform shoews, Glitter , Boas and other Bolan Finery and Sing you heart out "Sing a song that was made for Living" ...enjoy !!"Karaoke-"G.I.O."

April 26

I nice addition for all the Bolan fans that love to have Marc like images etc. on their PC desktops. We have added a page with a few of the different T.Rex Lettering Fonts (IE Slider, Tyrann. Rex Lp's)..enjoy & thanks "P" "T.Rex Fonts"

2- Yet another in the growing cover versions of Marc's "Life's a Gas" - so nice to see one of Marc's mellower songs taking off with bands looking to covers his tunes. This is one of two new version this one by a band called "The Replicants", there is also a version by Gilby Clark of Guns & Roses Fame that will be going up shortly. Sit back and enjoy "Replicants-Life's"

April 22

a truly Rare find (and no not just cos I am a huge Boy george fan) but this is a Live recording at wonderful quality of the Boy doing Get It On, this time joined on stage dueting with the very talented Edwyn Collins (Orange Juice fame) a real treat "Boy and Edwyn"

April 14

Ok I am sure there are a few people out there that aren't fans of USA Rock D.J. Howard Stern but he is a big fan of T.Rex's "G.I.O. once he put it in his top 10 of the best rock songs ever ..I am not quite sure of the facts I was told that Flo & Eddie were visiting the show and Howard did his own version of G.I.O. no he doesn't have a great voice but there is a band - "The Loses"- playing with him - just a bit of fun - and I Bow to any D.J as popular as him that helps keep Marc's name alive. So if you are a fan -enjoy- if not it is a bit of a rarity I suggest you grab the MP3 "Howard Stern's "G.I.O"

April 11

sorry for the long delays in the updates but we have a lot going on -all good- on our list that has taken my time. I should have the Order page for the Tiller-Rex Cd ready soon - I can say in all honestly that the rave reviews have even surprised me - Ok on to the updates

1- Added a new member "Adrian" to the community, also Dan-D has updated the sirectory to include both Adrian and our "Man with all the answers" Mickey Marmalde's info - have a peek at Mickeys picture -a pix that makes I am sure many of us envious "Meet Mickey & Marc"

2- Finally have the MP3 of Boy George's cover of "Get it On" up we have had it on real audio for over a year but this should help those that want to burn a copy "Boy's "G.I.O."

March 14

Do to the many letters we are receiving regarding the "Tiller TRIBUTE" CD we have added a seperate page that goes into more detail of the original/basis of the CD and also whom to contact for placing an order - granted it is not a secure server- as of yet- but after 5 years on the internet with our Real community spirit intact along with our true reputation I hope that speaks for itself. We are only using our hotmail addy due to the amount of mail we already receive on a private basis ...Enjoy !! "Tiller Tribute CD ordering"

March 10

Well after 2-3 years it finally is a REALITY on Sundaye March 11th the "TILLER-REX TRIBUTE" CD well be released. Thank you to all those involved (way to many to mention) and thanks to the Tillers that have responded with such x-citement not only with the orders but with your general true Tiller/Bolan Vibe. Shortly the CD will be released on a limited basis to people on other lists and in a small genral release among the growing Internet Community a place that is now truly joining hands together in harmony with one purpose Marc Boaln's Continued Legacy!. The Esteemed Mr. Rab (Rabbit)& Gordon (their copy came early)have posted a few bits about it below. As proper reviews come in I/we will find a page to post them but for now we will share what is more of the joy of the spirit of the list and Bolan fans in general-
Hi all,
About mid morning a small grey postal packet materialised on my door step. It was as if a fairy messenger had
silently flown in, deposited the precious parcel and equally mysteriously vanished into the ether. Too busy
and single minded to make it's presence known, it knew it could not allow itself to be delayed or distracted
from the important task at hand.

Without delay, the CD was freed from it's secure bindings and swiftly coupled to the electronic gadgetry which
would breathe life into the inanimate shiny disc. Slowly the air tingles with the chimes of the
Tiller Rex Band. As I type this I momentarily gaze out over a Nature's vista of Spring greenery.
In a nearby silver birch tree, a pair of collared doves are coyly eyeing each other. A small woodpecker has
just alighted and after briefly examining the tree and it's other occupants decides to leave the courting
couple to pursue their ancient ritual.

The seductive bongo beat builds and all is right with the world.

Now is the time for the flowers and trees..........and a spell has been cast....George

Such images and such enchantment. Mine turned up first thing this morning, delivered by a
bored postman who was obviously less than pleased to have to ring the bell as he couldn't
get it through the letter box and it was raining on the poor sods head. No silver birch
tree,no Woodpecker, no Collared Doves. Sod all.
But i put the CD on in a tryst and it's brill.
It will be a long and ecstatic summer.....Gordon.

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