Dear Michel, 
Thank you very, very much for the final Beltane CD. 
I have a feeling you never received my message I left on your 
answer machine when you originally sent the first disk to me.  
I left a gushing message about how much I loved Beltane.      
Anyway, the CD is superb. Marc would've loved it, I can assure
you. I think the concept, the arranging and the performance from 
all the artists are beyond what anyone imagined. It is a work of the 
highest caliber. Robert Lafond is a master. 
Catherine Lambert has the most beautiful and haunting voice for this project.
I have played it again and again and again. I also love the inclusion of "Rarn,
Rarn!" from the posthumously released "Children Of Rarn Suite". ,     
What more can I say ? You have done the greatest service
possible to the memory of Marc Bolan. The fans will agree, especially 
when very few new recordings of Marc's appear out of the woodwork. 
This is a masterpiece. I hope you are planning a second volume.      
Please relay my pleasure to all those involved in the recording.     
Yours sincerely 

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Tony Visconti